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The whole world is propelling towards advancement. Led Lights in India is an innovation in the lighting industry. Improvement with the New led lights technology as well as safety guarantee is the key element of our manufacturing company. We a prestigious ‘Made in India’ brand of bright indigo color led lights hold a solid reputation in the led light wholesale market in Kolkata.
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To illuminate every nook and cranny of our country we execute advanced technology in large-scale production to achieve durable, energy-efficient led lights. To pinch the pocket less with the bare minimum cost of all home led bulbs and led tube lights one can easily replace the traditional system of lighting we aim for led lights to be the future of lights. The ‘Made in INDIA’ brand operates towards human well-being and better livelihood.

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Ansh Jain



Over the years we had a supply chain of 40 dealers and distributors across Eastern India mainly covering Howrah, Hooghly, Burdwan, Assam, and Midnapur. Around 10 retail outlets both online (Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal) and showrooms in Kolkata led the bright lighting market. We emphasize honesty and complete transparency in our order dealings and consignment dispatch. Client satisfaction with 100% product analysis and valuable feedback is appreciated. Dealers &Distributors, Retailers approach us to take ‘FUSION’ on pan India level illuminate led lights everywhere.

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