*/ Innovative World of Fusion-Led lights

About led lights

Fusion, a trustworthy Made in India brand is a leading innovator and manufacturer in Kolkata of Led lights. Experimenting in the electrical field for the past ten years it established and made the innovation of the led lighting system. Decorative led lights for home and work areas enhance the clarity of vision. With abundant designs yet maintaining high-quality standards these led products are used both for indoor and outdoor purposes. Our methodical production process and R &D, design, and technical team along with professional workers and staffs work on the raw materials. They give high-class products which are mercury-free, UV free, and enumerate anti-bacterial features making them environmentally led lights.

eco friendly led lights

Our Setup

A comprehensive manufacturing unit is built on an area of 3800 acres with modern machines and equipment. Genuine quality raw materials are supplied by well-reputed vendors. The led light bulbs undergo immense research, testing, and retesting before the final launch and packaging. Standardized certification along with awards are designated for our ceiling-led lights. These eco-smart led lights warranty is extended one year for indoor lights and two years for outdoor for sustainability. Our CEO Mr. Ansh Jain works with a network of professional teams to reach manufacturing brilliance.

Why Led Lights ?

  • Longevity

  • Eco-friendly
  • Low consumption & Energy saving
  • High Color Rendering Index (CRI) giving original and natural color
  • Consistent & sustainable Quality
  • Creating the appropriate ambiance
  • Innovation with modern technology
  • Change setting to get exact brightness
  • Offers light with correct Color Temperature (Lower color temperature provides a warmer feel/higher color temperature gives a cooler appeal)
  • Uniform light distribution
  • LED bulbs do not contain mercury or lead which causes UV radiation further leading to global warming.